Cryptocurrencies which witnessed higher growth in 2017

As most of them think, it is not only the Bitcoin which has witnessed 1400% return in 2017. There are other Cryptocurrencies too, which have offered much higher returns than Bitcoin.

Ripple, a Crypocurrency offered 36000% returns in 2017. Similarly, NEM has offered 29842% return in 2017.

According to an article published in Catch news, as per the current market prices as observed on Tuesday, the price of one ripple was $2.3, and one bitcoin equals to $13,100.

The list of Cryptocurrencies which made higher returns in 2017 are:


In terms of market cap, it is the second biggest cryptocurrency. It also witnessed a market cap of $85 billion at the year end.

2. NEM

It was launched on March 31, 2015. This cryptocurrency yielded returns of 29842% in 2017.


It had offered the third highest returns of 14441%, and it is also one of the lesser known cryptocurrencies. It is also an open platform that builds financial products to connect users across the world.


In the year 2017, this cryptocurrency witnessed the growth of 9265%.


It delivered a 9162% returns in the year 2017, making it the fifth most profitable investment in cryptocurrency. Recently, it dipped from second position to fifth.