Crowne Plaza announces ‘Vodkatini Craze’ for vodka lovers

New Delhi [India]: Vodka lovers, rejoice! Crowne Plaza Greater Noida is all set and rolling its month long ‘Vodkatini Craze’ festival at the Belgian Beer cafe for cocktail lovers.

Offering almost 15 unique cocktails with the most exciting range of ingredients, Vodkatini Craze will bring the customers a specially designed menu by expert bartenders.

The festival will also witness the concept of Karaoke.

” Crowne Plaza Greater Noida has always been a hotspot for monthly food promotions that have always driven food and beverage connoisseurs from across Delhi/NCR. As a premier five star hotel of Delhi/NCR, we have constantly endeavored to provide innovative experience to all our guests,” said regional general manager IHG South West Asia, Greesh Bindra.

Some of the special Vodkatinis at the festival are:

Market Martini:

Ingredients: Absolut Citron 50ml, sugar syrup 10ml,lemon juice, three slices cucumber, spring of thyme for garnish.

Method: Thyme and cucumber muddle together add lemon juice and sugar syrup, add vodka and ice, shake well and strain

Chocolate Martini:

Ingredients: Vodka, Hershey Chocolate syrup, sweet vermouth, Chocolate flakes for garnish, Ice

Method: glass to be rimmed with chocolate syrup, add ice, vodka, sweet vermouth in a shaker and hake, garnish with the shaves of chocolates.

Mango Martin (seasonal):

Ingredients: Vodka, Mango chunks, sweet vermouth, ice

Method: Shake ice, Mango chunks, sweet vermouth together and strain the same in the martini glass, garnish with mango. (ANI)