Crown princes of Abu Dhabi, Saudi playing dangerous game by pitching behind Modi: Ex-diplomats

NEW DELHI: Experts and former diplomats question Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, and the Saudi Arabia on reports of PM Modi inaugurating Hindu temple during elections.

This came after reports emerged that PM Modi is flying to Abu Dhabi as the chief guest in the inauguration of the ‘Shilanyas’ ceremony of BAPS temple on April 20.

Krishna Chander Singh, the controversial former diplomat took to Twitter criticising the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia for helping PM Modi extract the much-needed electoral mileage in the ongoing elections.

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“News today Modi likely to inaugurate Abu Dhabi Temple in April. Code of Conduct ? Crown princes of AbuDhabi/SArabia playing a dangerous game by pitching behind Modi. Foreign nations should absolutely avoid direct/indirect interference in Indian polls,” wrote Singh, ex-Ambassador to UAE and Iran.

Backing Singh, Ambassador Rajiv Dogra advise Abu Dhabi that the Indian Prime Minister will use the visit to extract electoral advantage in the upcoming national election.

The United Arab Emirates is the most liberal of the Gulf monarchies and our relationship with them is also very old. However, a visit by the Prime Minister to participate in a shilanyas in the election season will throw up visuals that will be used in the elections,” Ambassador Dogra was quoted by The Hindu.

The UAE is home to over three million people of Indian origin.