Crowd funded app for kids goes live

Hyderabad: Hyderabad based start-up Bulbulapps announced on Tuesday that its first crowd funded learning app “TUK-TUK goes to Hyderabad” has gone live.

The app is now available for download in Apple, Google and Windows app stores. The $2,000 app project was backed by over 60 backers.

The investors were invited to commit to the kickstarter project in January this year, a company statement said on Tuesday.

“TUK-TUK goes to Hyderabad” is created by a team of seven artists using Bulbulapps platform. Written by a writer from Bengaluru, the team included an artist from New Delhi, musicians from Britain and animators from Hyderabad.

“It is an immensely satisfying milestone for team Bulbulapps and for its backers who believed in TUK-TUK travel series project certainty,” said founder and CEO Prakash Dantuluri.

“TUK-TUK’ travel app for kids ” is a Smartphone – tablet app that helps preschooler discover his or her city in with TUK-TUK (3-wheeler automobile), in a visually and interactive manner.

Bulbulapps are interactive stories, rhymes and videos. Available on multiple devices, Bulbulapps delivers one new story every week.

The company that follows a collaborative model has raised $250,000 in angel round. “We believe collaboration solves the problem of talent scarcity and brings down the production cost, in some cases by 90 percent,” Prakash added.

Bulbulapps currently has 300 storytellers, animators, and illustrators from 30 countries and 55 books in English, Hindi and Telugu live in its Bulbulapps library.