Crop investment incentives to fruits, Sugarcane too

The incentive amount of Rs 8,000 per acre for two crops in a year as Crop Investment launched by the State Government would also be made applicable to horticulture and sugarcane crops though their yield is only once a year.

This assurance was made by Agriculture Minister Pocharam Srinivas Reddy on Tuesday in the Telangana Assembly during question hour when TRS members, including E. Ravinder Reddy, P. Madhukar Reddy and others appealed to the government to consider making applicable the incentives to fruits and other horticultural crops and sugarcane.
It may be mentioned here that the Telangana Government has launched the novel scheme of providing crop investment at the rate of Rs 4,000 per acre for each of the two crops per year. For the kharif crop, the investment incentive would be given from April 20 to end of May and for Yasangi crop it would be given from November 20.
The Agriculture Minister said based on their cleansing of land records, as many as 72,13,111 farmers (Pattadar Passbook holders only) would be benefited under the scheme. For the disputed lands, which are only four percent of the total agricultural land, the incentives would be provided after the litigations get resolved.
Srinivas Reddy also said the implementation of the crop investment scheme would be done throughout the State from Khariff 2018 for which an amount of Rs 12,000 crore has been allocated in the budget. He said the amounts would be paid to the farmers through orderly cheques to be distributed by the local representatives, who would know every farmer in each village. (NSS)