Criticism comes from those affected by curbing of corruption: PM Modi

New Delhi: Asserting that those who were looting the nation and openly practising corruption were not particularly enthused by the current government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that the work done under the two years of his government was being scrutinized carefully.

Addressing the ‘Ek Nayi Subah’ programme, which is celebrating two years of the completion of the NDA government, the Prime Minister stressed on the importance of demolishing corruption in order to fulfill the dreams of the nation and added that his government was hard at work to uproot corruption from ever niche and corner of the nation.

Here are the highlights from the Prime Minister’s address:

1. In a democracy it is vital to analyse everyone’s work. But we can’t make a mistake of creating a false atmosphere of despondency: PM Modi

2. We saw two things over the last few days, on one side there is Vikasvad (development) and other side is Virodhvad (destruction): PM Modi

3. Over the last 15 days, the work of the Government of India is being very carefully analysed and all aspects are being seen closely: PM Modi

4. In the process we have got renewed faith and enthusiasm. The blessings of the people are also increasing: PM Modi

5. If we compare the work of the previous government with now, we can see the big difference: PM Modi

6. Corruption has eaten away the dreams of our nation like a termite: PM Modi

7. Those who were earlier looting the nation are not enthused by this Government: PM Modi

8. We have seized more than one crores fake ration cards. Also we found out that money was being to fake teachers, ergo fake schools: PM Modi

9. In our campaign to stop corruption, we saved over Rs 36000 crore leakages: PM Modi

10. No one can disagree that previous Govt was infected with corruption, but after we came to power we stressed on eradicating corruption: PM Modi

11. People ask me that why I am being abused even though I am doing good work. I tell them of course I will be abused when I stop corruption: PM Modi

12. What will people who get affected due to the steps taken by the Govt to stop corruption do if not criticise?: PM Modi

13. I Thank 1, 13, 00000 crores people for giving up their LPG subsidies and there cannot be a bigger example of development than this: PM Modi

14. We have decided that in the coming three years, 5 crores poor families will receive LPG: PM Modi

15. The people of India have placed their faith in us. We have left no stone unturned in our hardwork. We dream of Team India: PM Modi

16. Yes, what we know is money belongs to the poor and the poor must get the fruits of development: PM Modi

17. For good governance, it is imperative for the government to trust its citizens: PM Modi

18. I am working hard to ensure that the money of the hardworking and the poor will not go to the wrong hands: PM Modi(ANI)