Criticising Waqf Board proves dear to a speaker

Hyderabad: Secretary Minority Welfare Omer Jaleel, struck off the name of a regular speaker of Eidgah Mir Aalam by saying that the said speaker had criticised Waqf Board and Minority Welfare. According to sources during the finalisation of Eidgah arrangements the Secretary struck off the name of one of the two speakers to address before Eid prayers at Eidgah and asked to invite another speaker in his place. He directed Chief Executive Officer to contact noted Mufti of the city.

Officials told him that it is customary to provide opportunity to address at Eidgah and this tradition has been continuing for long. According to sources Secretary himself contacted Mufti of Jamia Nizamia and requested to give speech at Eidgah however the Mufti rejected the offer saying that he doesn’t want to land into any controversy as striking off the name of a speaker may create controversy.

On the persuasion of officials, the name of the speaker was re-included however it was directed that he should not be given opportunity to address from next year.

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