Crime In Hyderabad (9.7.2016)

Financier murdered

(Siasat News): A sensational murder case occurred at Ramanthapur in Cyberabad sent shock waves in the locality where an indebted man murdered the financier with the help of his wife and children.

Police sources said that one Mahesh and his family members were involved in the murder. Ramesh was in a marketing employment and residing at Ramanthapur.

He had borrowed Rs. 3 lakh from a financier Eliah. However, the financier was demanding his money back and for this there was an argument took place between Mahesh and Eliah.

Police suspect that Mahesh had murdered Eliah by hatching a conspiracy as he had handed over some lethal weapons to his wife Laxmi and two sons Anil and Shiva to eliminate Eliah.

Police has registered a case and further investigations are on.

Argument during boozing led woman to suicide

(Siasat News): A woman committed suicide in Kulsumpura. It is said that the deceased Sarupa, 40, resident of Indira Nagar, Ziaguda, was the wife of one Nagesh.

She was a labour at the adjacent abbottoir. On July 5 she was boozing along with her fellow labour Anand when an argument erupted between them.

Sarupa was so upset that after reaching home, she attempted suicide. Though she was taken to the hospital but died during the treatment.

Police has registered a case and further investigations are on.

Indebted man ends life

(Siasat News): A man who was heavily indebted as he had taken a loan for the medical treatment of his ailing mother but was not in a position to repay the same, ultimately took the extreme step of ending his life.

This incident occurred in S R Nagar police limits where Ravinder, 32, ended his life. He was the son of one Samuel of B K Guda. Last year, his mother was bitten by snake and the expenses of entire treatment were borne by him.

He had taken a loan of Rs. 5 lakh but could not save the life of his mother. As he was financially not sound to repay the loan, he was dejected and committed suicide.

Police is further investigating.

Man attacked wife with knife

(Siasat News): A husband attacked his wife with a knife at Osmanpura in Chaderghat. Sub-inspector Chaderghat Mr. Naveen said that the accused Mohd. Wajid Ali got married with Nayeema, 21 in early 2015.

However, the duo was at the loggerheads right from the beginning of their married life. Nayeema, in the meantime, had left his house and went to live with her parents in Shaheen Nagar.

On Eid day, Wajid went to his in-laws place and asked his wife to come home. Nayeema reached there on the second day of Eid but was shocked to see the rude behaviour of her in-laws.

Moreover, Wajid attacked her with a knife on the road itself in which Nayeema was seriously injured.

She was taken to Osmania Hospital for treatment and Chaderghat police has registered a case of attempted murder against Wajid and further investigations are in progress.