Crime In Hyderabad (7.X.2015)

Couple ends life after killing children

(Siasat News): In a heart wrenching incident in Jeedimetla, a couple after killing their innocent children, committed suicide. This horrible incident came into light this morning.

It is said that Keshav Rao, 42 and his wife Vanaja, 35 poisoned their two children Deepak, 10 and Nandi, 3 to death and later hanged themselves to death.

Loss in business, economic hurdles and cheating by a man led them to take the extreme step. This incident sent shock waves in the locality of Indrasen Nagar in Jeedimetla and the people became sentimental after visiting the house where the crime was committed.

Police searched the house of Keshav Rao but could not find any vital evidence. However, a diary was found by the police in which Keshav Rao had written a note where he had blamed one Subba Reddy for the ruining of his (Keshav) family.

Keshav was the native of Kolkata who had migrated to Hyderabad 12 years back and had started finance business. However, after losses in the business, he was doing some small business but here too, he had to face losses.

Police has registered a case and further investigations are on.