Crime In Hyderabad (4.8.2016)

Husband kills wife

(Siasat News): An alcoholic in Malkajgiri killed his wife when she refused to give money for his boozing. Police sources said that the accused Prabhakar strangulated his wife Yashoda to death.

The accused was a caterer and most of the time he was not present in his house in connection with his catering orders. In the meantime, his wife had called her brother to stay with her in the house to provide a helping hand in her day-to-day work.

Last night, he had returned from Chittoor and asked his wife to give him some money for liquor. His wife flatly refused to give any money.

Prabhakar, out of anger, strangulated his wife to death. Police Malkajgiri has registered a case and further investigations are on.

Brothel raided, accused woman’s husband absconding

(Siasat News): Police has raided a brothel where the woman organizer sent to rescue home. It was also disclosed that the accused woman was a financier and used to lend money to the needy people on interest.

This was revealed by S R Nagar inspector Waheeduddin when he had conducted the raid on a tip-off. Police was also surprised to learn that the woman, who was arrested as an accused, was the financier of the area.

The brothel was run at Kalyan Nagar phase-A where the accused Lalitha along with her husband Hardeen was running a brothel in a rented house. She used to supply the girls to the customers whereas her husband was playing the role of a pimp.

Police also arrested one Shyam Sunder. Lalitha is financially sound. Both Lalitha and Shyam Sunder are shifted to the jail.

The people of the locality were shocked to learn that the woman, who used to provide finances to many in their bad times, was a whore. Her husband Hardeen is absconding.

Two persons electrocuted to death

(Siasat News): Two persons electrocuted to death in two different incidents occurred in Banjara Hills. Both were working as watchman.

Yesterday, Ramesh, 26, was trying to join the electric wire when he came into contact with a live wire at Paramount Colony in Toli Chowki. He was the watchman of the building and hailed from Nalgonda.

Banjara Hills police said that the second incident occurred when one Kishtiah, 42, another watchman, was sleeping in his mess when accidentally his foot touched a live wire negligently lying there that proved fatal for him.

Both the cases are registered and further investigations are on.