Crime In Hyderabad (30.7.2016)

Woman ends life with her daughter

(Siasat News): In a heart-wrenching incident at Qutubiguda in Kachiguda, a woman committed suicide along with her minor daughter as she jumped off the ninth floor of the building.

The name of the deceased is Radhika and her daughter is 2-year-old Aradhya. She was the wife of one Ravi. As per the details, the husband and wife had waited for 12 long years for the birth of Aradhya as God was not in their favour in the initial period of their marriage.

Police said that financial crunch and quarrels between husband and wife were the cause of suicide. A case has been registered and further investigations are on.

Boozing session followed by murder

(Siasat News): Three friends who had a boozing session in Jubilee Hills but unfortunately they had fought under the influence of alcohol that resulted in the murder of a friend.

It is said that Vajju had attacked one Sandhya Raj with liquor bottles. Police said that Vajju, Chandrasekhar and Sandhya Raj were friends.

The latter was a cab driver. Yesterday, all three of them assembled at a place where boozing session was held. Unfortunately, all the friends ran out of money.

In the meantime, Chandrasekhar mortgaged the gas cylinder of his house and got Rs. 1000 and spent the money in boozing where Vajju and Sandhya Raj fought and Vajju attacked Sandhya Raj with liquor bottles that resulted in his death.

A case has been registered and further investigations are on.

Woman’s suspicious death

(Siasat News): A woman died in Vanasthalipuram in suspicious circumstances. Police suspect that the illicit sexual relations might be the cause of the death.

It is said that Archana, 30, was the wife of one Raju of Dwarakapuri in Vanasthalipuram. The duo got married three years back but remained issueless. Raju was a driver by profession.

Last night when he returned home, he was a bit suspicious about the atmosphere of the house. Though his wife was very much there at home but neighbours said that they had seen some strangers coming out of the house.

Moreover, police also found liquor bottles near the dead body of Archana. Police also found some suspicious marks on the neck of the deceased.

A case has been registered and further investigations are on.

Harassment led firefighter to suicide

(Siasat News): An employee of Fire Brigade Department committed suicide as he allegedly harassed by his superiors and relatives.

This incident occurred at Gandhi Nagar in Musheerabad police limits where Shiva Reddy, 24, attached to Gowliguda Fire Station, committed suicide.

Reddy was allegedly harassed by his superior Raj Kumar in the office and Nagi Reddy, Manju and one RMP at the home front as he was pressurized to get married with a minor girl that had made his life difficult.

Police said that the deceased had written all these details in his suicide note. Further investigations are underway.