Crime In Hyderabad (3.9.2016)

Missing man’s dead body found in Bowenpally

(Siasat News): Bowenpally police has found the dead body of a man who had mysteriously gone missing.

It is said that one Gautam Reddy, 30, went missing since last three days. He had come back from Nairobi just a few days back.

Police suspect that his mysterious death is nothing but a murder because police has collected some evidences from the place of the crime. It is further said that the deceased was under mental pressure as the company in which he was employed, running in losses and he was about the leave it permanently.

His arrival from Nairobi might be the cause of the Company’s poor performance. Further investigations are underway.

Husband slits wife’s throat in Yakutpura

(Siasat News): A man in Yakutpura slit the throat of his wife. It is said that the crime was committed late last night where one Tasleem Begum 23, alias Taskeen died in her husband’s attack.

Mir Chowk ACP Mr. Srinivas immediately reached the spot of the crime. The duo got married seven years ago with three children.

The duo has been fighting since a very long time and always found on the logger heads. ACP said that husband Arif was suspicious about the fidelity of his wife and because of it he used to harass her.

She had left the house earlier too but police after due counseling had reunited them. A week before, Arif had called his wife who was living with her parents.

She came to the house of her husband without realizing his evil intentions. Last night, Arif slit her throat and surrendered before the police. Further investigations are underway.

Indebted youth ends life

(Siasat News): A youth who was heavily indebted and was not in a position to clear the same and the harassment of the money-lenders, led him to commit suicide.

This incident occurred at Malakpet Palton where Mohd. Ahmed, 25, hanged himself to death.

According to sub-inspector Chaderghat Mr. Krishnam Raju, a suicide note is found near the dead body in which he had written the names of those he owed the money. He didn’t blame anyone for his death.

His friends, relatives and neighbours also confirmed that Ahmed was very upset for quite some time because of his debts and had told them that he wanted to die.

Sub-inspector further said that he had no financial problems and has been working as a wire servicing man. He got married five years ago and has a daughter. He had gone abroad to try his luck but came back after just 12 days.

He had borrowed money to meet his daily needs. Yesterday, he had sent back his wife and daughter to her parent’s house and took the extreme step of ending his life.

Chaderghat police has registered a case and further investigations are in progress.