Crime In Hyderabad (28.X.2016)

Wife’s infidelity led advocate husband to suicide

(Siesta News): An advocate who could not bear the shock of his wife’s infidelity committed suicide. This incident occurred in L B Nagar police limits where one Lalith Mohan Reddy, 32, ended his life by jumping off a building.

He was fed up of his wife’s waywardness. She was alleged to have developed illicit relations with another man despite being warned by her husband.

Her name was Divya and used to talk a lot on phone with her beau and used to exchange objectionable texts with the same man. She was asked to discontinue the illicit relations with Shashank but Divya did not pay any heed.

Following this, Lalith Reddy had lodged a complaint with the police against Shashank. Divya did not feel so good over this and in retaliation she had also lodged a complaint in Saroornagar Women’s police station.

When Lalith Reddy came to know about it, he felt isolated and thought that just to please her beau his wife had lodged a complaint against her own husband.

A dejected Lalith Reddy then took the extreme step and jumped off the building. Further investigations are in progress.

Girl ends life over delay in marriage

(Siasat News): A girl, who was very upset over the breaking of her engagement and delay in getting married, committed suicide. This incident occurred at Chilkalguda in Secunderabad where Usha Kiran, 26, hanged herself to death last night.

She was a private employee and residing with her father Narsimha Rao in Padmarao Nagar.

Sometimes back, she was engaged to a young man but the engagement did not prove auspicious as after some time it was broken due to some unknown reasons. Usha Kiran was very upset ever since and committed suicide last night.

Chilkalguda police is further investigating.