Crime In Hyderabad (28.6.2016)

Parent’s reprimand drives youth to suicide

(Siasat News): A youth who was reprimanded by his parents over the excess use of cellphone, committed suicide.

This incident occurred in Dundigal where one Y Shiva, 28, took the extreme step. He was a private employee and residing at Sriram Nagar.

Yesterday, he was reprimanded by his parents over the excess use of cellphone as they always found him on the phone.

Shiva could not take the reprimand in his stride and ended his life last night. A case has been registered and further investigations are on.

Electrician fell off the building, dies

(Siasat News): A man fell off the building at Chhatrinaka in the old city that proved fatal.

Police sources said that the deceased Raju, 45, was an electrician by profession and residing at Nagolabanda.

Yesterday, he was working in a building where he fell off the first floor of the building in suspicious circumstances.

He had sustained severe injuries and was taken to a hospital where he died during the treatment. Police is further investigating.

Two husbands end life

(Siasat News): Two husbands after having a row with their wives committed suicide in two different incidents.

According to Kanchan Bagh police, one Sheikh Ahmed Ali, 35, was the resident of Hafizbaba Nagar. On June 22, he had fought with his wife and after that he had attempted suicide.

Though he was taken to the hospital but could not survive. Medchal police said that one Ganga Raju, 38, a driver by profession, was at the loggerheads with his wife.

The duo used to fight a lot. On June 20, the husband and wife fought again and Ganga Raju in a fit of rage, attempted to end his life.

He was also admitted in the hospital where he died during the treatment. Police has registered both the cases and further investigations are in progress.