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Crime In Hyderabad (27.1.2016)

Crime In Hyderabad (27.1.2016)

Ex-wife threatens, conductor ends life

(Siasat News): A bus conductor committed suicide following the threats of his ex-wife. It is said that the deceased A V Suresh Kumar, 29, resident of Vinayak Nagar, had lover married one Hemalatha six months ago.

However, they had developed differences and soon got separated. As the chapter seems to be closed, just three days ago, Hemaltha along with her relative Raju came to the house of the deceased and talked to him in a threatening manner.

Not only this, she also forcibly took the signature on a blank paper and threatened him of dire consequences. Suresh Kumar was very upset after their departure and took the extreme step of ending his life.

Police has registered a case against Hemalatha and her relatives for inciting the deceased to take the extreme step. Further investigations are underway.

Husband commits suicide after separation with wife

(Siasat News): A man committed suicide in Shahlibnda police station limits. It is said that Syed Zaheer Hussain, 67, resident of Qazipura, got married 11 years ago. Both husband and wife were living happily despite some on and off arguments and disputes.

However, six months ago the duo had developed some differences which could not be sorted out resulting in the separation of the husband and wife.

Zaheer Hussain was very gloomy ever since and not showing any sign of happiness. It seemed that he was fed up of his life. Yesterday, he hanged himself to death at his residence.

Shahlibanda police has registered a case and further investigations are in progress.

Lorry mowed down aged woman

(Siasat News): A speeding lorry mowed down an aged woman.

According to Mailardevpally police the deceased Razia Begum, 75, resident of Shastripuram, was crossing the road near her house as she could not judge the speed of the lorry coming from other direction.

She had sustained severe injuries and died on the spot. Mailardevpally police has registered a case against the lorry driver.

Labour dies in wall collapse

(Siasat News): A labour while dismantling a dilapidated wall, accidentally died as a part of the wall collapsed on him.

This incident occurred in Jeedimetla where the labour Srinivas, 40, was busy dismantling an old wall where he met with an accident as a part of the wall collapsed on him.

He was severely injured and was taken to Gandhi Hospital where he died last night during the treatment.

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