Crime In Hyderabad (24.7.2015)

Man kills own brother
(Siasat News): The suspicion on the real brother for having illicit relation with his wife led another brother to kill his own sibling.

This heart-wrenching incident took place in Kesra police limits.

Inspector Kesra Mr. Gadva Reddy said that Durga Rao, 40, was killed by his own brother Nagender Rao as the latter was suspicious about him that he was having illicit relations with his wife. Nagender Rao was seeking an opportunity to settle the score with his brother.

Yesterday, the duo met at the house of their brother-in-law at Chiryal where Durga and Nagender exchanged heated argument and in the course of the same Nagender took out a knife and killed his elder brother Durga.

It was later confirmed that Durga Rao had illicit relations with Nagender’s wife. Further investigations are on.