Crime In Hyderabad (21.4.2016)

Hair-raising cases of husband’s murders by wives

(Siasat News): The relation between husband and wife is sublime and based on faith and fidelity but if we go through the two incidents of murder, we would be on the verge of changing our views on this relation where the wives, in order to maintain their illicit relations, preferred murder of their husbands over their paramours.

These inhuman incidents occurred in Banjara Hills and Raidurgam police limits. After the police investigations, it was revealed that the cunning women after murdering their husbands, pretending it as accidental deaths.

According to Banjara Hills police, yesterday one Jaffer, 30, was murdered. The deceased was the resident of Hakimpet Kunta in Tolichowki.

He was attacked by the paramour of his wife who was identified as 35-year-old Jagan who was residing near Jaffer’s house.

It was also revealed that the husband and wife had exchanged heated argument on April 11 but the matter was settled after the intervention of the police.

However, on the night of April 13, Jaffer had another bout of fight with her wife. At that time Jaffer’s wife phoned her paramour and asked him to come to her residence.

Jagan started yelling at jaffer and not only assaulted him but hit his head against the almirah. Jagan had left the house after some time and Jaffer was there till next morning worrying about his deteriorating health.

His family members shifted him to the hospital where he died last night.

Raidurgam police said that one Satyanarayana, 39, of Manikonda had died in his house in suspicious circumstances. His wife had termed his death as accidental.

However, police said that the neck of the deceased bore some marks. When his wife Bhavna, 25, was grilled she confessed that she had called a man whose name is Tanveer from her native village Hindupur to eliminate her husband.

Satya and Bhavna love-married in 2009. He faced losses in his catering business and had shifted to Manikonda to start afresh.

In the meantime, Bhavna had developed illicit relations with her college friend Kumar. Satya also came to know this bitter fact. On April 10, Bhavna, on the pretext of bringing some house hold items from Hindupur, had actually gone to Tirupathi where she was scheduled to meet her lover.

Satyanarayana also reached there and caught his wife and Kumar red-handed in a compromising position. He immediately sent her to her parent’s house.

Yesterday, Bhavna reached Manikonda and called her husband to join her. Later, they went for outing and while returning, brought some wine and Biryani.

At home, Bhavna managed to overdose her husband and called Tanveer who tightly caught hold the legs of Satya while Bhavna strangulated him to death.

Initially, Tanveer was not willing to commit the crime but Bhavna had threatened him and wooed him in her own style. This is how 32-year-old Tanveer committed the crime.

Both are now in judicial custody.