Crime In Hyderabad (15.1.2016)

Wife’s suicide, case registered against husband

(Siesta News): Medially police has registered a case against the husband of a woman who had committed suicide.

According to the police the deceased Purina, 28, was the wife of one Jai Ram. As she was under severe financial crunch, she used to fight with her husband because he was careless about the domestic expenses and used to ask his wife to bear the expenses.

Seeing his carelessness and fighting nature, Purina was very dejected she had attempted suicide on January 11 and was taken to a hospital where she died during the treatment.

Further investigations are on.

Labor’s suspicious death

(Siesta News): A labor died in suspicious circumstances at Madhapur sending shock waves in the company and among its other labours.

It is said that the deceased Bahar-ul-Islam, 20, native of Assam, was residing at Siddique Nagar in Madhapur and has been working in a private company.

He was seen on his duty on January 12 for the last time when he was returning to his house.

Madhapur police has recovered the dead body from the company’s checkpost room that was found hanging from the ceiling in suspicious circumstances.

A case of suspicious death is registered and further investigations are on.

Complaint against Diagnostic Centre

(Siasat News): Humayun Nagar police has registered a case against a diagnostic centre at Vijaynagar colony for releasing wrong report for the test conducted on a patient.

Advocate Syed Intikhab Alam Shahnawaz, resident of Ayodhya Nagar colony, had lodged a complaint with Humayun Nagar police station against Nirmala Diagnostic Centre alleging that his wife Shahana was admitted in the centre for severe abdomen pain but the centre could not diagnose the actual problem.

When the scanning was done at another centre, it was revealed that there was a stone in her kidney.

He alleged that because of the negligence of the staff of the centre, the kidney stone was not properly diagnosed and she was left high and dry in severe pain.