Cricketer Mohammed Kaif trolled online for Christmas pic

New Delhi: Indian Cricketer Mohammed Kaif has fallen victim to criticism yet again after posting a picture of himself wearing a Christmas cap celebrating Christmas with his family.

Previously he posted a picture of himself doing Surya Namaskar which had also received backlash from critics. Now the online troller’s are calling him ‘un-Islamic’ for promoting Christmas celebrations.

Islam doesn’t promote birthday celebrations but online trollers would use it to caution the repercussions of doing ‘haraam,’ when Islam is not about forceful following.

Here are the some of the examples online trollers have sent Mohammed Kaif, Indian Express reported.

“Mohammad bhai has lost his religion, first visit temple and idolatry, unforgivable sin and now he is celebrating Christmas, He no way true muslim, Allah give mind to you. You post indecent photo with man pool? how ? not good.”

“I think kaif become Christian…. Shame….,” “This is very bad. Islam me ye allowed nahi hai. Tum aadhe muslim ho bro bad bad.”