Cricket is a captain’s game, coach must take back seat

Pune: Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly said that a coach should take a back seat in cricket as it is a captain’s game, unlike football.

“I think the coach has to take a back seat in cricket. It’s not like football. A lot of the current cricket coaches start to believe that I’m going to run a cricket team like a football team. Cricket is a captain’s game and the coach has to take a back seat,” the 46-year-old said at an event here on Monday.

Furthermore, Ganguly quipped that if given a chance, he would like to ask the Indian cricket team’s head coach, Ravi Shastri who picks the team, him or Rohit Sharma.

Ganguly also said that he would like to ask the head coach how he changes the current Indian team to perform in a similar manner away from the subcontinent.

Reflecting on the nature of a team’s head coach, Ganguly said that man management is one of the key qualities a coach should possess, adding that hardly few have those skills.

The former Indian skipper was in Symbiosis International (Deemed University) for the launch of his book- ‘A Century is not Enough’, co-authored with senior sports writer Gautam Bhattacharya.
Following the launch of the book, the cricketer participated in a panel discussion.