Crazy woman jailed for molesting other women

Indore: You can almost hear sexual assault by men but this is the first case of its kind when a woman has been charged and sentenced by the court for obscene behaviour and molestation.

An woman in Indore was sentenced to three years of rigorous detention with a fine Rs 500 by District Court for molesting other women.

According to media report, Justice Bharat Singh Rawat announced the accused Simran alias Mahi Gill guilty for obscene behaviour and molestation and sentenced her for 3 year’s jail term.

If a woman will involve in such behaviour towards others of the same gender, to ensure women safety in society will be a difficult task, the judge said.

The accused Simran was arrested at Bhopal railway station in a suspicious condition in February 2013 and was sent to a Indore’s women special correctional home.

A girl in 2014, complained against sexual assault by Simran to the correctional home Incharge, then other girls came forward and informed about similar treatment to them.

Later, a case was registered and she was sent to Dewas jail. Here also Simran’s obscene behaviour forced her fellow inmates to complain and she was shifted to Indore jail.

A bail plea sometime ago in favour of Simran was filed but the court rejected it and announced its verdict.

It seems that this problem of sexual assault by women doesn’t seem to have fully penetrated into most people’s awareness.

The sexual behavior of women can be as creepy, predatory and violent as men’s can, and sexual assault is a serious and ongoing problem.