Crain investments in Anglo American meets all governance requirements: Vedanta

New Delhi: Vedanta Ltd said on Monday that its foreign unit Cairn India Holdings Limited’s investment in Anglo American Plc meets all governance requirements.

“Cairn’s investment in Anglo American Plc met all governance standards and was made on an arm’s length basis in December 2018. It had been valued by an independent valuer and approved by boards of both Cairn India and Vedanta,” said Vedanta in a statement.

“This was voluntarily and transparently disclosed in the December quarter results. We remain committed at all times to act in the interest of all shareholders and look forward to continued engagement with them,” said the firm.

Volcan Investments Limited (Volcan) and Vedanta Resources Limited, the parent companies of Vedanta Limited, holding more than 50 per cent, have played a significant role in shaping and building Vedanta Limited businesses in a
visionary and entrepreneurial manner, said the statement.

Volcan owns a 21 per cent stake (voting interest) in Anglo American Plc, a globally diversified mining business that comprises of De Beers (largest diamond producer), copper, platinum and other precious metals, iron ore, coal, and nickel. Cairn India Holdings Limited (CIHL) is an overseas subsidiary of Vedanta Limited.

Vedanta’s statement comes days after its shares plunged on Friday, as investors were sceptical of the merits of the investment and questioned the potential returns.

Cairn was offered the opportunity by Volcan to invest some of its surplus cash resources in a structured investment representing the economic interest in the upside potential of about 24.71 million shares.

The structure provides significantly higher returns compared to other overseas cash management investments that would typically return around 2 per cent.

The investment now has full capital and downside protection to ensure that the interests of Vedanta Limited shareholders’ are protected, said the Vedanta statement.