CP’s assurance to Gangireddula community

City Police Commissioner VV Srinivas Rao, IPS, today clarified that there would be no hurdles from the police to the Gangireddula community people, who collect alms by parading decorated oxen before the houses during Sankranthi festival.

In a statement here today, the Police Commissioner said orchestrating decorated oxen during Sankranthi festival is a Hindu custom and age-old tradition in the Telugu States. It is also an ancient avocation of Gangireddula community people. Therefore, the police would extend all help to them.

Stating that the city police would extend all cooperation to the Gangireddula community people as it is their hereditary avocation since ages, the CP clarified that if they play the oxen and beg on the main thoroughfares and crossroads would be taken into custody and send them to the rehabilitation centers.

Assuring the Gangireddula community people not to have any fear and not believe rumors, the CP asked them to contact Control Room no 100 or 27852333 if they encounter any problem, so that the police will try to solve the problem. (NSS)