CPM must join hands with Congress to resist BJP

Kolkata: The former Lok sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee has said that former general secretary of CPM Prakash Karat was responsible for the present crisis in the party.

According to the news reported in Economic Times, he told that “Had Sitaram (Yechury) resigned on Sunday following the voting (on the political tactical line) the party would have been on the path of being obliterated. He has been trying hard to put the pieces together, but there is a limit to tolerance.”

Describing himself as the independent observer, Somnath Chatterjee told that “in the present political context, it is extremely essential for the CPM to join hands with Congress to resist BJP. People are boycotting CPM. In this situation, the party will not able to do it alone. The representation of CPM from states to Parliament has gone down to a large extent. And with this arrangement, I am apprehensive that it will further go down. The former general secretary has been successful in creating a situation to control the party even at the risk of losing support of the general masses.”

He further added that “The time has come when party members should think about its continuance as a serious political entity and provide protection to people from disruptive and destructive forces like BJP and Trinamool Congress and give them a different narrative, an alternative.”