CPI(M) writes to Akhilesh seeking security for Akhlaq’s family

New Delhi: After an FIR was registered against Mohammad Akhlaq’s family, CPI(M) today alleged it was part of a “conspiracy” by BJP and requested Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to take necessary steps and provide security to his relatives.

In a letter to Yadav today, CPI(M) Politburo member Brinda Karat said pressure is being mounted on Akhlaq’s family members by those allegedly involved in his murder.

“I request you to ensure that the case of murder is properly followed by the government prosecution and that there should be no delays in the judicial procedure,” she said.

“Since the family members are witnesses in this case, they are being threatened, so that they withdraw from the case…. From their public statements it is clear that senior leaders of the BJP are also involved in targeting the Akhlaq family,” she said.

Karat, who spoke to the UP CM yesterday, said the petitioners against Akhlaq’s kin were making “utterly false” charges without producing enough evidence before the court as a case of “blatant misuse” of Section 156(3) of CrPC.

Expressing concerns over it, Karat said such “misuse” could have been prevented by police and administration if proper action was taken.

“It is clear the accused and their powerful patrons, some sitting in government at the Centre, are determined to justify the murder and public lynching, cause communal polarisation through the making of false charges of cow slaughter and drag on the investigation so as to take communal benefit from it,” she said.

Acting on court orders, FIR was lodged yesterday against Akhlaq and six of his family members for alleged cow slaughter.

Akhlaq was killed by a mob on September 29 last year on the suspicion that his family stored and consumed beef at their home.