CPI(M) decides to defeat BJP, RSS in poll-bound Karnataka State

New Delhi: The poll dates for upcoming Karnataka Assembly Elections are out and now political parties are gearing up for competing against each other.

BJP has a stronghold of victory in India since it has acquired power in 21 states, several opposition parties could support each other only to defeat reigning BJP in the upcoming elections.

CPI(M) on Friday said the party has decided to support the ‘strongest candidates’ in the position besides its own nominees in order to defeat BJP.

The CPI(M)’s decision comes after a two day meet of the party’s central committee meeting. The party has already decided on the candidates list and will soon announce it.

General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said the party gave an open call to defeat BJP, communal parties in the Karnataka state and that it would definitely support the anti-BJP candidates.

Now, this could also mean CPI(M) will be supporting Congress and other anti-BJP parties.

“In these elections, the main objective of the CPI(M) would be to defeat the BJP. Apart from the seats that we are contesting, we have decided to support the strongest candidate who would be in a position to defeat the BJP. Where we are not contesting, our priority would be to defeat the BJP and communal combination,” he said.

When asked whether the party will support Congress, CPI(M) member Prakash Karat said, “We would not name any particular party in our campaign for the seats where we would not contest. We would give an open call to defeat the BJP in Karnataka.”

The party has also expressed it serious concern over “rising incidents of communal polarisation” across India. It says since BJP was defeated in the recent Lok Sabha bye-election, “The RSS-BJP has decided that they have no other option but to sharpen communal polarisation, without which they do not think they will be able to even maintain what they have electorally.”

Secretary Yechury indicates towards saffron party’s Hindutva agenda. He said, “The worst is that the central ministers are in fact leading communal polarisation through speeches full of hate. They can’t safeguard themselves without creating tension and thereby posing a threat to life and security of religious minorities, Dalits and the very constitutional foundation of our republic.”