CPI slams Modi-Nitish-Yogi regimes on girls’ abuse

Hyderabad: CPI national General Secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy today expressed great shock at the news of repeated sexual and physical abuses of 24 teen-aged girls from a women’s shelter in Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria district. In a statement here Sudhakar Reddy criticised that girls and women are unsafe under Modi-Nitish-Yogi regimes. He alleged that the women and girls have no safety in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and the country and attributed it to the failures of the respected governments.

Fifteen girls are still missing and the couple who ran the shelter has been arrested. A 10-year-old girl who escaped from the shelter and informed the police of their ordeals, otherwise the inhuman abuses would have continued. The Party wonders how an illegal shelter without licence could have managed to run it, for long time. Definitely it must have got the support of police and ruling BJP party leaders even though finally Girija Tripathi, her husband Mohan Tripathi and their daughter were arrested after sealing the shelter and abused a police team he charged. Thus one finds that under Modi-Nitish-Yogi regimes girls and women in particular are not safe. He demanded that a High Court monitor a thorough probe into the whole episode after the arrest of all involved in the heinous crimes and take up regular checkups a tall shelter homes in the country. (NSS)