CPI for reunification of Left parties under one entity

Hyderabad: The CPI has pitched for reunification of Communist and Left parties into a single entity but says it would not call it a merger.

“Our party is for reunification of Communist movement.

Reunification of communist movement is different from merger.

Merger means one party joining another party,” General Secretary of CPI (Communist Party of India) Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy said.

“The issues on which Communists were divided in 1964 have become irrelevant now. There is no difference in activities and policies, programmes of both the Communist parties and Left parties. There should be one entity,” he told PTI here.

He said he is very confident that reunification would take place but added that he can’t say how long it would take to achieve the objective.

“It depends on the friends from other side (CPI-M). We are ready to wait patiently for the positive response. From what I understand, more and more cadre in other Left parties including CPI-M is positive about this type of reunification of the movement,” he said.

“We believe that more and more joint activities would bring us together. Some sort of a clarity, consensus among parties to join together…(is needed)… we cannot join to divide again, it (reunification) should be once and for all,” Reddy said.