CPI pulls up ‘desperate’ Pak for provocative comments on Kashmir

New Delhi: Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D. Raja on Sunday lashed out at Pakistan for making provocative statements on Kashmir and said it reveals the desperation on part of the Asian neighbour.
CPI leader D. Raja said Pakistan speaks of human rights violation in Kashmir, but everyone knows the record of human right violation in PoK and Balochistan.

“Definitely, Pakistan is too desperate and is making provocative statements and announcements. Pakistan celebrates its independence day, it is good to celebrate independence as it is a sovereign nation, but getting that to Kashmir struggle and Pok, it is too much provocative and Pakistan should restrain and stop such kind of provocations. India is a matured nation and will respond to it properly,” Raja told ANI.

The CPI leader said it is a known fact that Pakistan promotes cross-border terrorism, adding the Asian neighbour will have to show its credibility and commitment in struggle against terrorism.

“One part of Kashmir is under Pakistan’s occupancy, a small part has been occupied by China. The people are very much disturbed and agitated that why Kashmir should remain like that and India has a genuine concern for the welfare of the people in Pok and other territories. That is why the Prime Minister has spoken out and all parties have spoken out, so Pakistan must stop making provocative statements and doing provocative actions. Pakistan should take some credible actions against the terror outfits which are operating from the side of Pakistan as it has been accused, not by India only but international community for promoting terrorism,” he added.

He said if Pakistan speaks of human rights violation in Kashmir then the people know their record with regard to human rights violation in PoK and Balochistan.

“It is known to the whole world and that is what Prime Minister mentioned in the all-party-meeting. It is on Pakistan as how they are to address the issue of terrorism and violation of human rights in its own territories,” he added.

“People can give many interpretations according to their political understanding and positions, but the point I that the situation is grim in Kashmir. Situation is alarming as the curfew continues there and the situation is not as we want, that is why the parliament in both the houses passed anonymous resolution. They are committing for concrete steps to restore peace and normalcy to win the confidence of the people of Kashmir,” he added.

The Pakistani envoy earlier in the day said Islamabad has dedicated the 70th Independence Day to the freedom of Kashmir. Basit said Pakistan has always made efforts to improve its relationship with India.

“As far as the relation of Jammu and Kashmir is concerned, we dedicate this year’s Independence Day to Kashmir’s freedom. We are confident that the sacrifices made by the people of Jammu and Kashmir would be successful,” Basit said.

He asserted Pakistan has always given moral support to Jammu and Kashmir’s freedom struggle and would continue to do so.

“Struggle for independence will continue till Kashmir gets freedom; sacrifice of the people of Kashmir will not go in vain,” he said.

Basit was reiterating Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s statement dedicating the day to the “freedom movement” in Kashmir.

“I dedicate this year’s 14th August to the freedom of Kashmir,” the Express Tribune quoted Sharif as saying.

Pakistan’s provocation comes just days after Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s assertion that there is no power in the world, which can take Jammu and Kashmir away from India.

“Nawaz Sharif said that he is waiting for Kashmir to be handed over to Pakistan, he even wrote to UN Secretary General regarding this. I want to assert that no power in the world can wrest Kashmir from us. And if at all they want to have a dialogue with us, then we are ready. But it will be about Pakistan occupied Kashmir, not Kashmir,” Rajnath said in his address in the Rajya Sabha. (ANI)