CPI Launches T Armed Struggle Week Fete At Tank Bund

CPI leader Dr K Narayana today inaugurated ‘Telangana Armed Struggle Week Celebrations’ at Maqdoom Moinuddin statue on the Tank Bund here. The celebrations will continue till September 17.
Speaking on the occasion along with Chada Venkat Reddy, Palla Venkat Reddy, N Venkateshwarlu, Balamallesh, K Prathapa Reddy, N Chayadevi, B Anjaneyulu, Shivaramakrishna, Narasimha, Nagesh Goud, Narayana suggested to the Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, who was adopting “double standards” on ‘Telangana Armed Struggle’, has to look at the history and policies of China and open his eyes.
The CPI leader alleged that the Chief Minister, who praised Chakali Ilamma and Baddam Ella Reddy on one side, he was eulogizing the erstwhile Hyderabad Nizam on the other and adopting double standards. He also alleged that the BJP was trying to mislead the Communist leaders on Telangana Armed Struggle for liberation of Hyderabad Samsthan. He said some 4,000 Communists died during the Armed Struggle and lakhs of acres of land was distributed to the poor.
While seeing these developments, the then Nizam sought help from Pakistan. “The BJP was arguing that Hyderabad Samsthan was liberated due to Sardar Patel’s action and minimizing sacrifices of Communists”, he alleged. He also alleged that the rulers were assured that they will recognize the martyrs of the Telangana Armed Struggle as freedom fighters but in practice nothing has happened so far.
Chada Venkat Reddy alleged that the TRS government has neglected Telangana Armed Struggle totally. “The TRS government too was following the footsteps of previous governments by not conducting Armed Struggle Weekly Celebrations”, he alleged. He warned the TRS government that they would remain as history as cheaters in case they failed to celebrate the Armed Struggle Week Celebrations and including the lessons in the schools syllabus.
CPI City leaders Salim Khan, Harinath Goud, Srikanth, Balu, Chakri, Yadamma, Radhika and others participated in the program. (NSS)