CPI Hails SC Verdict against Lynchings

CPI National General Secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy today welcomed the Supreme Court verdict asking government to enact a law to punish lynching. In a statement here he hailed the apex court judgment on July 17 directing the RSS-controlled BJP government led by Narendra Modi to come up with a special law to deter the shameful phenomenon of mob violence, vigilantism and lynching. Such criminal inhuman acts have erupted frequently after Modi came to power and flagrantly across states ruled by parties of all hues he said.

The Party recalls here that a similar directive by the apex court over killings by cow vigilantes fell on the deaf years of Modi regime. Perhaps keeping in mind the irresponsible silence of Modi government over the killings of innocents and inaction over court directives, the apex court this time even suggested detailed measures and given foolproof guidelines for prevention, redressal and punishment of the crime of mob violence.

As the election year is nearing, one need not expect any meaningful attempts by the Modi government to control ‘mobocracy’ which has been unleashed by RSS and its outfits to polarise the voters. However, the Party urges the government to implement the directive of the Supreme Court in letter and spirit without any fail. He called upon people in the country to be vigilant and to keep in mind the heinous crimes done at the behest of the BJP and elect a new Lok Sabha in 2019 as well as in the ensuing assembly elections. Followed by the SC verdict, the Modi government must enact a stringent law in the present session of Parliament, he said. (NSS)