CPI to fight against the Communal-Caste offensive Modi Govt

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Communist Party of India (CPI) that concluded its two days session on May 29 has resolved to fight out the communal-caste offensive of the Modi government and the Sangh Parivar that is causing caste and communal polarization in the country.

Their hate campaigns and different activities have vitiated the political and communal atmosphere of the country posing a serious threat to the secular democratic fabric of the country.


The NEC meeting was presided over by the Secretary of Kerala State Council Comrade Kanam Rajendran and the report on political and economic developments was presented by the CPI General Secretary S. Sudhakar Reddy.


The report has noted that the two year rule of the Narendra Modi government has caused disaster in almost all political, social and economic spheres. The economy is in doldrums. It has become obvious to the people that this government has nothing to do with the development or welfare of common people. It is a government for the Corporate capital and international finance capital. While miseries are being heaped on the common people like price rise, growing unemployment, cut in anything that benefits the common

people like MNREGA, public health system, education and public distribution system, concessions after concessions are being showered on Corporate Houses and foreign finance capital. Country’s economy is really in shambles.


On the political and social fronts, this government and its main mentor the RSS and its affiliates are pushing through a policy that will hasten the process of communal polarization. Simultaneously, it has intensified attacks on Dalits, Adivasis and other weaker sections. Minorities, particularly the Muslims are being terrorized by raising very divisive and provocative slogans, and inciting communal violence. Government agencies including police and intelligence agencies are shamelessly used to implicate Muslims in cooked up cases of terrorism. The NEC has decided to launch a country-wide campaign to defeat this communal and casteist offensive.


The Party will also resist and defeat attempts to penetrate in all wings of governance, as well as the educational and research institutions and pack them with RSS cadres. The party appreciated the initiative taken by the student and teaching community writers and intellectuals to resist this sinister move.


The National Executive also discussed the results of the elections to four states and a union territory announced on May 16. While hailing the historic victory of the Left Democratic Front in Kerala and congratulated the people of the state for their path-showing verdict, the NE expressed dismay over the failure of the Left to retain its representations in states like West Bengal, Assam and Tamil Nadu. While noting that the Left was unable to project a viable alternative in the states of Assam and Tamil Nadu, the N.E. felt that in West Bengal the Left transferred its vote to Congress, the other side’s transfer was not in that proportion. Though Left polled more percentage of vote on the whole that did not reflect in winning of seats, and it relegated to third position in the Assembly. The N.E. has directed the concerned state units to analyse the outcome of elections and go into reasons for such outcome before the next meeting of National Council.


The National Executive warned that the Sangh Parivar, BJP and its wings may unleash communal attacks and terror to influence the Uttar Pradesh elections. People should be vigilant and fight it back. Secular Democratic Forces should close their ranks to resist and fight against such dirty, poisonous attempts.


The N.E. has decided to convene next the National Executive and National Council of the party in middle July for a deeper study and analysis of these results. The NEC also had preliminary discussions on the preparations for the elections to several assemblies including UP and Punjab scheduled to be held in 2017.


The NE will meet on July 14-15 that will be followed by National Council meeting on July 15, 16 and 17, 2016. (NSS)