CPI Deplores Governments Decision to Privatise Coal Mines

The Communist Party of India deplores the decision of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs to open up coal mining for Indian and foreign companies in the private sector.

S.Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary of CPI, has said that at a time, when the country was confronting huge scams in banking sector, the Modi government instead of owning up responsibility for the loot of Nirav Modi in Punjab National Bank and making efforts for the recovery of people’s money, was handing over public assets to private sector. Whenever the country was plunged into a crisis, the Modi government takes decision to favour the corporate houses and big business houses.

Coal sector accounts for around 70% of the country’s power generation. This decision of the government will undermine the energy security, he said.

Sudhakar Reddy deplored the decision, which was against the national interest demands, and said that government should not go ahead to implement it. (NSS)