CPI condemns threats to Kancha Ilaiah

The Central secretariat of CPI today condemned threats to Prof. Kancha Ilaiah by certain sections and declaring a Fatwa to hang him publicly. Prof. Kancha Ilaiah’s book on the community angered them and several demonstrations have taken place in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

In a pressnote here today, CPI general secretary S Sudhakar Reddy stated that Kancha Ilaiah’s book was published in English in 2011 and a few chapters were translated into Telugu in small book form and published recently. Prof. Ilaiah tried to trace the caste divisions of work and how Baniya community monopolised trade and business. “One may not agree with his writings, but it can be put to debate. It can be condemned, criticized and other version can be explained. None should be hanged for writing a book. This is an attack on Freedom of Expression. The Vysya community can open a discussion with Prof. Ilaiah and other intellectuals on the issue” he stated.        The CPI leader appealed to the protestors to withdraw the agitation, which was leading to open clashes between different communities as happened in Kurnool. The State Government should provide security to Prof. Ilaiah immediately, he demanded. (NSS