CPEC turning Balochistan into Chinese colony, says Baloch leader

Balochistan: Launching a scathing attack on China, Baloch pro-independence leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch asserted that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project was turning Balochistan into a Chinese colony.

In a statement, the Baloch leader said that China is Pakistan’s “crime partner” to fulfill its “imperialist aspirations” and to tilt the balance of power in its favour in the region whilst employing Balochistan’s strategic position and exploiting its natural resources. He alleged that for the last several years, the Pakistan Army has been engaging in continuous military aggression in Balochistan.

“China is providing Pakistan with a vast amount of investment, military equipment, and expertise in order to make CPEC, and other imperialist projects to succeed. In some operations, Chinese helicopter gunships and commandos have been directly involved in the aggression against the Baloch people,” Dr Allah Nazar Baloch claimed.

He asserted that all projects including the CPEC, which are being built against the will of the Baloch people, is turning Balochistan into a Chinese colony. “Villages and hamlets on both sides of the CPEC routes and surrounding areas have either been blown up or bulldozed, forcing the people to migrate elsewhere,” Dr Allah Nazar Baloch said.

Alleging that genocide against the Baloch people increased manifold after the inception of the CPEC project, the Baloch leader said, “The displaced are still living in appalling conditions. In Balochistan, it has now become a routine to abduct Baloch, torture them to death in custody and dump their bodies in Balochistan, Karachi, and Punjab.”

Furthermore, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch alleged that the Pakistan Army inflicted immeasurable brutalities on the Baloch people for the last two decades. He added that the Baloch people would continue to fight against oppression, tyranny, and colonisation, to achieve an independent nation.

Commenting on the recent terrorist attack on the attack on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi on Friday, the Baloch leader said that the attack was “a natural reaction of the Baloch people against Pakistani aggression and Chinese imperialistic ambitions.”
He also expressed hope that China would part ways with Pakistan.