CP, DGP urged to take action against SI for filing false cases

Hyderabad: One Kasani Sridhar has urged the State DGP and City Police Commissioner to initiate severe action against Gopalapuram PS Sub-inspector Gangadhar Reddy for demanding lakhs of rupees by filing false cases against him.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday, Kasani Sridhar said he started Simplified Financial Services along with one T Kishore Kumar in 2011. The aim of the company was to give advice on mutual funds and other financial investments to customers. He said one Vasanta, in 2014, asked a share in the company for his son and gave Rs 10 lakh. In the same year, commissions from various companies were stopped due to delay in renewal of the company and consequently the company fell into deep financial losses. He said they paid interest to Vasantha and her son Krishnamurthy regularly though the company was in troubles.
Kasani Sridhar alleged that even though they were paying interest to them regularly, Vasantha hatched a conspiracy along with one T Achyutharao, Sarveshwara Rao and advocate A Aravinda Reddy with the support of retired police officer Ranjith Singh and filed false cases against him in the Gopalapuram police station. SI P Gangadhar Reddy hatched a conspiracy to collect money from him by threatening him. The SI took a blank cheque, a bond paper with signatures from him without taking any complaint.

In the process, the SI demanded Rs 10 lakh from Kasani Sridhar and threatened him to pay Rs 8 lakh more, otherwise he would file non-bailable cases against him. He also alleged that the SI filed cases against his wife when he failed to pay Rs 8 lakh. Besides, advocate Aravind Reddy also spoke rudely with his wife and intruded into his residence. When an Assistant Commissioner of Endowment Department, who stays opposite to Sridhar’s residence, pulled up advocate for his rude behavior, the SI registered a false case against him and made the department to suspend him.

Kasani Sridhar said Vasantha also admitted in the Court that she took the letter in the presence of retired police officer Ranjith Singh, advocate Aravind Reddy, Achyutha Rao, Sarveshwara Rao that she took blank cheques and bond papers with signatures with the encouragement of SI. Then the Court directed the Goparalapuram police to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the issue and file cases against the culprits but the Gopalapuram police were delaying the process and threatening them. Sridhar urged the City Police Commissioner and the DGP to initiate stringent action against SI Gangadhar Reddy for his conspiracy.