UP cows get Radium bands to avoid accidents

Siddharthnagar (Uttar Pradesh): In a bid to reduce road accidents caused by stray animals, Uttar Pradesh police has started a drive of tying radium bands on the horns and necks of stray cattle.

The reflective tapes ensure long-distance visibility, especially caused by fog during the winters.

Talking about the initiative , Superintendent of Police Dharamvir Singh, told ANI, “There has been an increase in road accidents of stray cattle during the night. So we decided to tie radium bands on their horns and belts on their necks to save them and avoid accidents.”

This move comes with the onset of the winter season when numerous cows lose their lives or get injured as a result of coming in contact with vehicles due to the lack of visibility.

Tying radium bands will make it easier for vehicle drivers to spot the cattle from far away and hence help in averting such unfortunate accidents.