Cow welfare goes hi-tech in Congress-led MP, app to monitor cattle in real time

BHOPAL: The Madhya Pradesh is going high tech in terms of Cow care, the gau-healthcare and day-to-day care of a cow is being moved to an app that will link cow owners with animal husbandry officials and field teams.

Animal husbandry minister Lakhan Singh Yadav while speaking to the TOI stated that “Through the app, the government will monitor all its plans and projects for cow protection. Apart from healthcare details, it will have real-time information on how many stray cattle were rescued from streets and shifted to cow sheds. We will set it rolling in less than a month.”

The Madhya Pradesh administration is looking for a way to monitor cows round-the-clock to make sure that cows are well fed and get regular health checkups.

Once the app goes live, animal husbandry department officials will get real-time information about day-to-day activities, which the authorities must verify.

Every time a cow is brought to a veterinary hospital, information regarding the nature of illness, place and line of treatment prescribed will be uploaded, along with the owner’s contact number.

The app will post a pop-up alert whenever the cow feeds or medicine is given to the cattle and senior officials can call up the owner to check if the information is correct.

The government led by the Congress in the state launched a statewide drive to build gaushalas and is even thinking cow cess on luxury cars to fund its plan to build 1,000 cow sheds, the state government has also increased cows daily allowance by five-time.

The Madhya Pradesh in August 2017 under the BJP government became the first state in India to issue Aadhar numbers to the cattle.

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