Cow vigilantism sting operation ‘EXPOSED’ VHP, Bajrang Dal

New Delhi: A sensational sting operation on cow vigilantism has put the Nation to sit up and take note of the new brigade of chauvanists belonging to Bajrang Dal, Rasthtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) practicing newfound, yet colourful vocabulary, in the name of Bharat Mata.

Multiple leaders of Bajrang Dal, RSS, VHP have been caught on tape admitting violence . VHPs Rashtra Prakash openly admitting violence. “ we have support from all the cow lovers in RSS. When asked you do have support from RSS, he said that ‘yes , we have their support.’ You can call it an organization. We have support from all the cow lovers. We have also support from those who don’t belong to any organisation’.

When you come to know that there is a thief in the house, what will you do? You will pick up a hockey stick or normal stick, right? Because he will attack you. He may have a bigger weapon than yours. But still you attack him when you sense that there a thief in the house. Whoever the gau sevaks are, then be it from RSS or others who want to run the cow shed”. Rajesh Pande,National convener Bajrang Dal.

Watch: Sting operation exposes cow vigilantes

Was there no conflict in the Dadri case? Our new vigilants were sacrificed. Were the cow slaughters saved? They will not be spared. There are several instances like these. In the Gurgaon incident we were attacked. In the Dadri lynching case, we attacked those slaughtered cows. And everyone has seen its impact. The news spread across the globe’.

Courtesy: MetroIndia