Cow slaughter ban will be imposed if BJP comes to power in Karnataka

karnataka: Parties in India are gearing up for the upcoming Assembly elections and according to Opposition leader K.S. Eshwarappa, BJP would easily bank votes on the cow protection issue in the state which the party believes has gone out of control under the Congress regime.

While addressing a conference on Monday, Mr. Eshwarappa said if BJP, where to come to power in Karnataka, a strict ban on cow slaughter, would be enforced in Karnataka State.

The leader said previously the passed amendment bill of Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Preservation could not become a law due to non-cooperation of the then Governor H.R.Bhardwaj and Congress leaders, Hindu reports.

Now BJP would bank votes on the issue. He said BJP’s topmost priority in the state would be to introduce a strict law to ban the illegal slaughter of cattle, and shutting down slaughterhouses.

“Illegal trafficking and culling of cattle had become rampant under the Congress rule in Karnataka. The failure of the Congress government to prevent the illegal business also resulted in law and order issues. He alleged that 21 Hindutva activists were killed by members of anti-national organizations in the last four years in Karnataka.”

However, the leader also said the BJP party is not against beef consumption. “Restrictions cannot be imposed on food culture. Our objective is to prevent the illegal trafficking and culling of cows,” he clarified.