‘Cow protectors’ not involved in violence: Bhagwat

Nagpur: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat today strongly supported “cow protectors”, saying probes into recent incidents of violence have made it “amply clear” that the “activists” were not involved in them.

On the contrary, many activists were attacked and killed while being “peacefully” involved in cow protection, he said in his address on Vijayadashmi, which is also the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) foundation day.

Terming cow smuggling as a serious issue, especially along the Bangladesh border, Bhagwat said that in such circumstances, activities of cow protection become more valuable and were being undertaken within the legal and constitutional framework.

“After inquiries in the recent incidences of violence and atrocities, it has become amply clear that these activities or the activists were not involved in those acts of violence,” the Sangh chief said.

He described cow as an article of “reverence”, and said its protection is included in the directive principles of the Constitution.

It is unfair to link “cow protectors” or the entire activity of cow protection with violent incidents or communal feelings without knowing the facts, Bhagwat said, claiming that many followers of the Muslim faith were also involved in this activity.

“Some of them (Muslims) have told me that nefarious campaign going on against the cow protection unnecessarily creates tension among the people of different religions,” he said at the RSS headquarters here.

Bhagwat also suggested that in such a situation, cow protectors “piously involved” in the activity should not worry or get distracted “with the well intentioned statements by highly placed persons in the government or remarks made by the Supreme Court.”

“The legal and virtuous work of cow protection and cow promotion will go on in the interest of the people and will increase in the coming days. It will also be the apt answer to the situation,” the RSS chief said.

He explained in detail the benefits of Indian breed of cow and said the nutritional value of its milk, the medicinal value of its dung and urine for human being and animals was now “scientifically proven”.