Cow, Love Jihad, mob Lynching are ugly spots on democracy: Justice Shah

Hyderabad: Justice A.P Shah told that Cow Vigilantism, Love Jihad and Mob Lynching are the ugly spots on the functioning of democratic system in this country. In this context, courts should play an important role. No doubt, courts have made their presence felt during the past few days.

He further told that atrocities on the Muslims and the Dalits are on the increase these days but no action seems to have been taken to curb such activities.

Justice Shah was addressing a gathering in connection with Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday programme organized on “Democracy and Intolerance”.

He Pointed out that India is one of the signatories of the UN resolution to protect the people of all the religions.

Justice Shah also termed the recent arrests of the five activists as unjust and part of intolerance.
He said that instead of giving the reasons for their arrests, Govt. is taking shelter under concocted stories which is violation of democratice values.

He made a mention of the remark made by Justice Chandrachud who observed that the incidents of killing of Pehlu Khan in Alwar and Qasim of Hapur in U.P were the reactions of the enthusiastic Hindus and that the Muslims are at fault.

He further told that violence in the name of cow is not a new thing but these incidents have increased since 2010. So far, 61 atrocities have been registered. Many such incident s occurred in BJP ruled states and more than 90% of the victims are the Muslims. The tragic thing is that in most cases, politicians are supporting the culprits.

Referring to the recent speech of Mr. Mohan Bhagwat, Justice Shah told that be it Golwalkar, Sarvarkar or any other RSS leader, their ideology is to make India a Hindu State.

People of this country can’t forget that Vir Savarkar had supported the activities of Hitter who killed the Jews.
Justice Shah also blamed the media for tarnishing the image of India. Media highlighted the video of love jihad victims.

Citing the example of Ankait Saxena’s murder, justice Shah told that it was a case of inter religious love affair.
He applauded the effort of Saxena’s parents for hosting Iftar Party for the Muslims without getting influenced by the propaganda of the communal elements.

He also quoted the incident of setting ablaze the son of the Imam of a Masjid in Asansol of Kolkatta. The aged father of the victim consoled the Muslims not to create panic on this issue and to be patient. Both these examples are the incidents of tolerance and communal harmony.

He condemned the efforts of media which highlighted these incidents on the social media.

Tracing out the etymology of the word lynching, Justice Shah told that this term was coined when the Americans tortured the blacks dragging them out of their houses. In the same manner, this practice is duplicated in India also.

In the end, Justice Shah told that right from the traffic police constable to CJI, it is the responsibility of everyone to stop lynching and other activities.

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