COVID times: “Its time to learn,” says, Scholar

The Islamic scholars state that the outbreak of the virus is marked to be the testing time of the entire Ummah. “It is time to learn a number of principles which is taught to the worshippers of Almighty Allah.” stated the scholars.

It is time to learn basic seven lessons from these difficult days states the Scholar.

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Ø To make us humble and none of us is powerful except the almighty Allah.

Ø Believe in life and death, we tend to become so comfortable in the worldly life that we forget the true reality of life.

Ø One of the most important blessings is that we can see, understand and extract wisdom from the present situation across the globe.

Ø It makes us realize that the world, its wealth and blessings are all going to end and none except Allah can decide fate.

Ø It makes the selfish realize that we need family, friends, and others who would take care of us during such hard times.

Ø It is to demonstrate that there is a higher power that predetermines what is happening.

Ø Lastly, during these times people can rediscover their relation with Allah, their faith and may turn to their religion.

“In the whole Quran, Allah never criticizes when his believers turn to him during the hard times put on him,” Scholar added.