COVID Times: GHMC moves stranded to shelters in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: With an aim to provide food and shelter to every homeless in the city the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) on Tuesday shifted as much as 60 beggars to night shelters based in the city.

However, the civic body has been providing shelter and food to over 4,600 orphans and who were engaged in begging said GHMC, Mayor Dr. Bonthu Rammohan.

In its continuance process, the municipal corporation has picked up beggars from the old secretariat, and Ameerpet.

While on Tuesday, when some individuals were distributing food to them the Mayor asked them not to provide food on the roadside as most of them are not maintaining social distance and there is a threat to the spread of the virus among them. Mayor appealed the NGOs and other individuals to coordinate with the GHMC in the distribution of food. 

Due to COVID-19 lockdown, most of the business establishments are closed, the workers from hotels lodges and vendors were left in distress as they are unable to go to their native place. Hence, they are dependent upon Annapurna, donors for food.

Later, the corporation inquired about the people who were found on the roadside, locals told the officials that they have beneficiaries of free rice and cash which are being given by the government to white ration cardholders, and even migrant workers.

They are coming out of their homes daily to collect free food from donors.

Further, the Mayor warned them not to come out since there is a chance of virus passing to the family members, if they repeat the same, the case will be filed against them.

Mayor said Government is taking various measures to control the spread of COVID-19 virus, GHMC is providing shelter and free food through Annapurna Free meals in over 25 shelters homes, similarly, providing shelter and free meals in 85 centers along with various NGOs contribution.

Moreover, medical health check-up is also being provided to them. It is estimated that about 400 who are engaged in begging are in and around secretariat and are being shifted to shelter homes. From the past couple of days, 200 persons were shifted to shelter homes temporarily running in Schools and Stadiums to maintain social distance mayor added.      

NGOs are not allowed to distribute food in the city: GHMC

The donors and NGOs are not allowed to distribute food and ration to poor in the city said Mayor Dr. Bonthu Rammohan.

The purpose of a lockdown is effecting, as large gathering is seen without following social distance at the distributing points organized by the individuals, organizations, and NGOs.

Since the people are not following social distance and gathering in large numbering as local residents are also joining them. There is the threat of the virus spreading among them and appealed the donors not to distribute food and essential items directly and requested to contact GHMC or Police officials so as to distribute the same to the needy duly maintaining social distance he added.

Further announced the passes issued in this regard earlier, is no more valid hereafter.