COVID patient dies at home, carried on handcart for cremation

Pune: In a shocking incident, the body of a youth, who died of COVID-19 at his home, was carried on a handcart for cremation in Khanapur village of Pune. The incident occurred on Friday.

“He died because he could not get a bed in any hospital. When his health deteriorated, we called the ambulance but to no avail,” said Nilesh Javalkar, the village sarpanch.

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Meanwhile, Pune Zilha Parishad CEO Ayush Prasad has claimed that the patient was taken to Navale hospital in an ambulance after he complained of breathing problem.

“His COVID report was awaited by that time. He refused to get admitted at the hospital and went back to his home without informing anyone. It is the first case where the patient died at home,” said Prasad.

“He was living in a congested area where an ambulance couldn’t reach. The crematorium is about 500-700 metres away from his home. Since it is not allowed to take COVID-19 patient’s body on shoulders, it was taken on a handcart. An inquiry has been ordered,” he added.