COVID-19: Second Omicron case confirmed in Andhra

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh government on Wednesday confirmed the second case of the Omicron variant of coronavirus in the state.

The Omicron positive patient is a 39-year-old international traveller from Kenya.

While speaking with ANI, Dr Hymavati, the Director of Andhra Pradesh’s Public Health Department, said, “A 39 years old foreign traveller came from Kenya to Chennai Airport on December 10. She reached Tirupati by car. She was tested on reaching Tirupati and declared RT-PCR positive for COVID19 on December 12.”

“The sample was sent to Centre For Cellular And Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad for Genome Sequencing and the result was declared as Omicron Positive on December 22,” she added.

The doctor further informed that six of the woman’s family members were tested and were found COVID negative.

“She is healthy and in institutional quarantine under the close observation of the health department,” Dr Hymavati informed.

In a notice, the state government said, “This is the second case of Omicron identified in Andhra Pradesh. So far, a total of 45 foreign travellers and 9 contacts were found COVID-19 RTPCR positive.”

“And all the samples were sent to CCMB for Genome sequencing. The public is advised not to worry and believe any rumours but continue to take precautions and follow social distancing, wearing of mask, washing hands regularly,” it further read.