COVID-19: No bed vacancies in most of Hyderabad’s hospitals

Hyderabad: Given the ongoing situation with regard to the surge in COVID-19 cases, almost all major hospitals like KIMS, Gandhi, Continental, King Koti etc have absolutely no vacancies for beds and have sent away patients over the past week. Many patients have been waiting for as many as 6 to 7 days in an ambulance, but have still not been able to find hospital beds, sources said. 

According to hospital sources, in the first wave, patients were recovering from the intensive care unit (ICU) within 3 to 4 days. Now however, in the majority of the cases it is taking about 10 to 15 days for patients admitted into ICU to recover. As a result of this, beds are being occupied for longer periods and the waiting period is going up with more and more patients reporting COVID-19. 

In Gandhi hospital, of the bed strength of 1800, there are 650 ICU beds, 1000 Oxygen beds and another 300 general beds. Recently another 350 oxygen beds were added. However, presently all beds are full in Gandhi and people are running from pillar to post in seek of beds for their loved ones. In the state-run King Koti District Hospital, there are 350 beds of which 50 are ICU beds, 300 oxygen beds and all are full. 

At the KIMS hospital, there are 1250 beds of which 135 beds are ICU beds and all are also reportedly full. Patients are being sent off from the Gate itself as there are no beds, it has been learnt. The state-run Fever hospital also has no beds. Chest Hospital at Ameerpet, which has 250 beds, including 50 ICU and 150 oxygen, is are full. To add to the problems, there is a shortage of oxygen supply as well. 

Even as people are recovering from COVID-19, there is now another problem. Concurrent to the COVID-19 infection is the Black fungus which is also affecting patients. As many as 40 cases have been reported at Apollo Hospital and 5 cases of Black fungus has been reported at Continental hospitals.

The black fungus is either is occurring in the early post-recovery phase or concurrent to COVID 19 infection. Patients with pre-existing poorly controlled diabetes are also more at risk for Mucormycosis or Black fungus, doctors said.