COVID-19 night curfew: Theatres in Telangana to be closed at 8 pm

Hyderabad: To curb the spread of COVID-19 virus, Telangana government on Tuesday has imposed restrictions on screening of movies shows in cinema theatres across the state.

As per the new restrictions, no night shows will be allowed in the state until April 30.

Theatres will have to close at 8 pm for the next 10 days. During the permitted business hours, cinema halls are instructed to follow strict Covid-19 safety protocols.

In a latest circular, Chief secretary Somesh Kumar stated, “The management of cinemas/theatres /multiplexes shall also ensure that: All persons, audience, staff, vendors etc., use masks at all times. Hand sanitizers are available at entry/exit points and common areas. Physical distancing and crowd management measures are followed. Sanitization of entire premises particularly common areas shall be done after every screening. Temperature setting of all air conditioning devices should be in the range of 24-30 Celsius. Relative humidity should be in the range of 40-70 per cent.”

The circular further clarified that, re-circulation of air should be avoided and intake of fresh air should be as much as possible. Show timings should be staggered to ensure that intervals of different shows do not occur simultaneously.

The state has also warned that violators of the safety protocols will be prosecuted under Sections 51 to 60 of Disaster Management Act 2005 and Section 188 of IPC as well as other applicable laws.