COVID-19: Man loses Rs 8 lakh in Black Fungus medicine fraud, cops caution public

Hyderabad: The Cyberabad police on Friday asked citizens to beware of an ongoing Black Fungus medicine fraud. The police stated that fraudsters are taking advantage of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and exploiting the high demand for the medicines and equipment required for treating people affected with COVID-19 and the Black Fungus disease as well.

The word of caution from the police came after the Cyberabad police received a complaint from a resident of Gachibowli earlier this week, wherein he stated that he was scammed into paying over Rs. 8 lakh after he tried to procure medicines to treat the Black Fungus disease. The complainant said that he searched online for the medicine and found the contact of on Emson Medical Stores from the IndiaMart website, with regard to purchasing injections to treat the Black Fungus disease. 

Further, said the complainant, when he contacted the person through WhatsApp and enquired about the Black Fungus Medicine, he was informed that the medicine is available with the seller and was asked to initiate payment subsequenrly. He was assured the delivery of the medicine at Hyderabad through Flight courier within three hours. 
However, the seller demanded Rs. 8.32 lakh first for 60 injections and provided his bank account details.

The unsuspecting complainant transferred the funds from his bank account but the medicine was not delivered. When he tried calling the seller, to his dismay, all the calls went unanswered. Realising that he got cheated, he approached the police. The Cyberabad police on Friday said that fraudsters are posting advertisements in various sites and social media in the name of providing medicine for Black Fungus, etc.

“They are deceiving the people by giving fake assurance of delivering drugs within hours. Some fraudsters are also tricking victims to reveal sensitive information such as card details, OTP and cheating them to the tune of lakhs of rupees,” said a statement from the Cyberabad police. The cops have advised people to avoid buying any COVID-19 related drugs from private and unscrupulous sources. 

For any medicines, the public can contact the director of medical education of Telangana on email @ for various drugs related to COVID-19 and other related diseases.