Covid-19 epidemic to end soon, predicts scientist Michael Levitt

Washington: Michael Levitt, a Nobel Laureate and a biophysicist from Stanford University, is optimistic that the COVID-19 pandemic will end soon.
The rate of recoveries, the declining number of new cases and decrease in deaths, day by day in China since January, is the basis of his theory.

In an interview to the Los Angeles Times, Levitt said “numbers are still noisy but there are clear signs of slowed growth. . . . What we need is to control the panic.”

Dr Levitt predicted before many other health experts that China would recover faster. He expects the same for the rest of the world.
China has already eased the lockdown in Hubei province where the pandemic broke out for the first time two months back.

Levitt had predicted an approximate figure of 80,000 Convid-19 cases with 3,250 deaths in China. On the other hand, other experts had predicted millions of deaths. Until March 24, China has recorded 3,277 deaths with 81,171 positive cases.

Waris Khan